Tom Spach

Tom Spach (pronounced: “Spock”) has over 30 years experience working in a wide variety of musical styles and formats.  Tom has composed and recorded abstract ambient scores, short orchestral works, various types of ethnic music, rock n roll, americana, blues and works which cannot easily be categorized. Tom has composed theme music, jingles and incidental music for radio and television programs and commercials. 

Tom has created original music and sound designs for at least 50 live theater productions. Many were performed in Atlanta, Georgia but some have toured or been produced regionally (in the Southeast), nationally and internationally. 

Beginning in 2009 Tom, as a songwriter, singer and electric bass player, performed with several rock bands around Atlanta appearing in popular venues including Terminal West, The Vista Room, The Atlanta Room and local music festivals.  

In 2016 Tom co-founded The Justin Sams Band, a quartet performing original songs in an Americana style.  Tom split the songwriting 50/50 with distinguished Atlanta songwriter and guitarist Lindsay Petsch.  The band recorded 2 full length albums that were well received.

Tom is currently working on recording a solo album of original songs.

Tom worked for 8 years at rock and roll radio stations around the south and midwest as a Program Director, Music Director, News Director and on-air, drive time talent. 

Tom graduated from the University of South Carolina with a BA in Broadcast Journalism.

Major Credits:
# Produced and recorded “The New Horizons Radio Project”, comprised of an original 45-minute long play written for radio (“The Final Draft”) and a shorter experimental audio work (“Found Sounds, Conversations Out of Context”). Composed and recorded original music and sound effects. The program aired on WABE FM Public Radio Atlanta and was distributed nationally to NPR-affiliated radio stations.

# Musical score for “Bring Me Yellow Flowers”, a finalist (top 10 out of 3000+ submissions) in the American Film Institute’s Robert Bennett Award competition for best feature length fine arts video.

# Original musical soundtrack for the play “T-Bone and Weasel”, comprised of about 2 dozen original music compositions. The production toured the US. It was produced by celebrated Atlanta actor and producer Tom Key and directed by nationally acclaimed director Kenny Leon.

# Hosted and produced a 13-week series of 30 minute interviews (“The Art of Songwriting”) with notable regional songwriters on songwriting. The program aired on WMLB “The Voice of The Arts” in Atlanta, Georgia.

# Tom’s song “No Cover” was selected by the Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta, Georgia for inclusion on a “best of” children’s music CD (“Mad Hatter”), being judged to be among the best original children’s music to appear in a Woodruff production up to that time.


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