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    Sandra has conceived, written, choreographed and performed for programming for PBS and cable channels. She’s also adapted her original stage plays and performance pieces for television. Awards and honors include: national distribution for public television, a  showcase at the American Film Institute Video Festival in Los Angeles with nomination for the Robert Bennett Award (2nd place), a regional EMMY as writer for “Outstanding Entertainment Program of Year” and the creation of choreography in a collaboration with Crawford Media for the first motion capture animation, which showcased at a SIGGRAPH Conference  in Las Vegas for a live audience of 25,000. Visit Media HERE.

    Sandra  has produced, co-hosted, written and performed for radio programs for public radio and commerical stations. Her radio plays have aired on WABE Public Radio and WMLB, Voice of the Arts in Atlanta, Georgia and KSFR Public Radio in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Visit Media HERE.

    Plays and Performance Pieces
    In Person
    Sandra has conceived, written, directed, choreographed and performed in 50 productions of her original plays and performance pieces for the live stage. These performances have  toured to 36 U.S.states and thirteen other countries. Her performing skills include: acting, spoken word, storytelling, poetry, mime, mask theatre and flute.

    Sandra is a featured storyteller for the Georgia Institute of Technology (GA Tech) for the Transformative Narrative and Storytelling Integration project. She also performs for a variety of other organizations.

    Storytelling Performances –  (examples)

    • Community Storytelling Solidarity Circle – GA Tech
    • Healing Stories Workshop –  National Storytelling Network

    Storytelling Performances (examples)
    In Person

    • Transformative Narratives Storytelling Crawl – GA Tech, Ferst Center for the Performing Arts
    • Georgia Association for Women in Higher Education Conference – GA Tech, Historic Academy of Medicine Theatre  
    • Preventing the Sexual Exploitation of  Children, Staff Training – GA Tech and Wellspring  Living
    • Fieldwork – Schwartz Center for Performing Arts, Dance Theatre, Emory University
    • Men Stopping Violence Fundraiser – Story Muse, 7 Stages Theatre
    • 100,000 Poets for Change – Atlanta Shambhala Center

    Stories (examples)

    • Secret Joy
    • Art by Prescription
    • The Girl
    • Our Music with Flute
    • The Flowering of Inspiration with Flute 
    • Time Keeper
    • No Voice

    FLUTE (examples)
    Sandra began playing flute at 12 years old as a student at the Erie Conservatory of Music. Her instructor was the remarkable music educator and musician Earl T. Lawrence. 

    • Transformative Narratives Project – Georgia Institute of Technology
    • 100,000 Poets for Change – Atlanta Shambhala Center
    • For the Bees – Community Gathering, East Lake Commons Co-housing, Atlanta  
    • People’s Tribunal Against Domestic Violence – United States Social Forum
    • Sacred Theatre Performance – Findhorn Foundation, Scotland

    Sandra’s spoken word album, Kairos, features Sandra’s original poetry, memoirs, dramatic monologues and flute music with original piano music performed by Grammy-Nominated composer John Burke, 

    Virtual or In-Person

    • Creative Writing – Gateway Performance Productions
    • Acting – Gateway Performance Productions
    • Storytelling Coaching – Georgia Institute of Technology – Gateway Performance Productions
    • Playwriting – Gateway Performance Productions

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