Reggie Prim

Reggie Prim –  Actor, Playright, Poet

Reggie Prim works at the intersection between civic engagement and the arts. As an independent curator, neighborhood organizer, consultant, and non-profit leader, he has worked to help activate the power of the arts to bring people together across the divides of faith, ethnicity and culture. Reggie’s artistic career began as a performing artist and poet. He is a blogger, playwright and graphic designer. Reggie has led workshops, designed public arts experiences, and served on the boards of directors of a number of arts nonprofits. He co-authored Art and Civic Engagement: Mapping The Connections – a conceptual and planning model for activating the power of art in communities. Reggie worked with the City of Minneapolis as a Creative CityMaking Artist – using arts-based processes to help develop more equitable organizational culture and practice. He currently provides consulting services to Gateway Performance Productions.

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