Radio with Awards and Honors

    Public Radio
    90.1 FM
    Title 1: The Final Draft
    An Atlanta professor and his former student experience love and death in the North Georgia mountains.
    Title 2: Found Sounds: Conversations Out of Context
    True life voices floating in the ether reveal the challenges, folly and fear they experience in their American lives.
    Type of Production: Original Radio Play and Soundscape with Spoken Text
    # of Programs: 1
    Tom Spach: Producer, Host, Composer
    Sandra Hughes: Writer, Director
    Awards/Honors: Grant Award: Fulton County Arts and Culture

    Commercial Radio
    1690 AM – Voice of the Arts
    Title: The Writers Space Radio Hour
    Type of Program: Interviews with and l readings and performances by emerging and established writers in Georgia
    # of Program: 16
    Sandra Hughes: Producer, Co-host, Writer, Performer
    Tom Spach: Producer, Co-host, Composer, Performer
    Awards/Honors: Grant Award: City of Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs

    Public Radio
    101.1 FM
    Santa Fe, New Mexico
    Title: Santa Fe on Stage
    Type of Programs: Interviews, Performances, Theater News
    # of Programs: 52
    Sandra Hughes: Writer, Co-Host, Performer

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